Olympic Swim Trials Aqua Zone

2008 Swim Trials Logos June 28-July 6 - During the Swim Trails, including the Open House, the
 free Aqua Zone showcase products and service of the Olympic Swim Trails
 Sponsors.  There were many swimming related display and activities.
 I visited Aqua Zone on June 28th, July 1st & 6th.
Agua Zone Guide

The Aqua Zone was  in North half of the Qwest Center Omaha's Exhibition Hall.

P7020997 P7051351 P7051353 P7051354 P6280901
Follow arrow from the 'Swim' door or Arena to Aqua Zone

Saturday, June 28th @ Open House

P6280902 P6280904 P6280905 P6280907 P6280908
Grand Entrance to all thing "swimming" Mutual of Omaha's
Wild Kingdom ....
Bread display
P6280910 P6280912 P6280913 P6280916 P6280917
"on-site" Studio
AT&T Interactive
Technology Display
Myrtha Pools's Cross-section display US Swimming
P6280918 P6280920 P6280921 P6280922 P6280924
LZR Swim Suit in Speedo's Aqua Lab US Swimming has US Flag make from Kiefer "Lanelines"

Tuesday, July 1st - After Session 5

   Today, I toured the Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom Adventure Tour for 2nd time.
   I photographed the Animatronics robot animal in their simulated nature setting.

Taken at Open House
P7010988 P7010991 P7010993  
In Motion In Motion  

Saturday, July 6th - Before Session 16

P7051356 P7051358 P7051365 P7051366 P7051367
USA Swimming
Swim simulator
at ASCA Display
Vist with WOWT's
Reporter here
HD Self Portrait at Panasonic
Television Displays
P7051360 P7051359 P7051361 P7051362 P7051363
Myrtha Pools - World record set to date, In Swimmer Eye & recycled rubber pool deck
P7051376 P7051369 P7051368 P7051370 P7051374.Adj
Kids Art Project - What is your Dream? growing display Scripture "Show Time" and ...
P7051375 P7051377 P7051378 P7051379  
... "In the Zone" Reach for your Dream Exhibits   
P7051380 P7051380_Info P7051381 P7051383 P7051383_Info
US Swimming Life Size Image of Katie Hoff & Michael Phelps with information on them.
My friend Jose Patio were viewing Katie Hoff panel

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Olympic Swim Trials - Aqua Zone

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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