O! What a Duck Race 08

Saturday July 26th - Today I photographed for the Omaha Food Bank, "O! what a Duck Race"
   event at the Heartland of America Park. This includes the Family Festival, The Duck Race, getting
   the winning duck, and duck removal.  Soon after the 10am start of the Festival, all 24,500
   Race Ducks were adopted. Later I learned the race raised $100,000 for the Omaha Food Bank.
 Events Info

The Big Duck The Duck Pond P7260115 Spill the Duck Lot of Ducks Near the Finish Line  The Winning Duck Collecting the Ducks All Duck collected
Festival in Park Before Race The Duck Race Winning Ducks Duck Removal

Family Festival in the Park11:00-1:15pm

P7260005 P7260008 P7260006 P7260009 P7260011 P7260012
Food Bank van .... Info & souvenirs  @ 8th & Farnam ... & frozen Food Truck with Duck decals 
P7260016 P7260013 P7260022 P7260021 P7260026 P7260020
Sponsor Info Quacky ... Million Dollars Check Lagoon Stage: The Confidentials Big Duck #1
P7260027 P7260028 P7260031 P7260033 P7260035 P7260041
Grand Prize: Nissan Versa Family portrait Guitar Music  @... 
P7260046 P7260047 P7260049 P7260052 P7260057 P7260069
... Quacker Backers Guarding the Race Ducks The Race Channel Teen Games: Hoops, knock them
P7260072 P7260075 P7260077 P7260079 P7260084 P7260085
Young Kid Games: Plinko, Animal Wheel, Duck pond, Toss duck into a hole Lagoon Stage: The Whipkey Three
P7260086 P7260087 P7260088 P7260091 P7260092 P7260094
Big Duck #1 & friends are listening KKAT 103.7 Even "Crop Hunger walk"  had a "duck" Ch 6 Dave Webber
P7260095 P7260097 P7260100 P7260103 P7260104  
Baker's Ice cold
bottled Water
Casey, Omaha
 Royals Mascot
Buddy, The
Woodsmen Dog
ConAgra Food - Free fresh
Orvill Redenbacker's Gourmet Popcorn
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Before the Race: 1:15 - 1:30 pm

P7260109 P7260111 P7260115 P7260106 P7260107
Truck Ready Everyones line the shore or sit on the hill Tube Door Ready?
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The Great Duck Race 1:30 - 1:50 pm
Even with spray from a fireman hose pushing the ducks along, it still took 20 minutes for the
  24,500 ducks dumped into south end of the lagoon channel to reach the finishing line cone.

Duck Pours out
P7260121 P7260122
Mixing them up!
P7260139 P7260140 P7260142 P7260143 P7260146 P7260151

Get the Winning Duck: 1:50 - 2:00 pm
First 15 ducks were pulled from the tube. I learned later, Omaha Fraternal Order of Eagles, won the car.
  The “owner” of second through sixth-place ducks won $1,000 savings bonds.

P7260153 P7260160 P7260163 P7260162_Duck P7260164 P7260167
Funnel in Down the tube Pick one out One of the winning ducks in hand Winning Duck in box
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Rounding up the Ducks 2:00 - 3:00 pm
Food bank Staff & select volunteers had great fun rounding up and removing the ducks from the lagoon.

P7260169 P7260171 P7260174 P7260176 P7260177 P7260178
P7260179 P7260180 P7260181 P7260183 P7260184 P7260185
P7260186 P7260189 P7260190 P7260191 P7260192 P7260193
P7260194 P7260196 P7260199 P7260200    
One alone duck Still packing ducks All the duck are packed up    

O! What a Duck Race 08

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