Mustang Stampede - Taming Horse Taming Hearts

Saturday November 8th - Late afternoon, at the 5 Star Stables,
  The nationally renowned horse trainer, Mark Lyon, present
  Taming Horse Taming Hearts, an horse show comparing
  Taming a wild house with step in becoming a Christian. It is a
  STAFF* single's group event with food & Fellowship afterward.
The Horse Show Food & Fellowship 
  * Single Together Affirming Faith & Fellowship of Country Bible Church, Blair Nebraska

Arriving & Welcome
  About 4pm, Jose patino and I arrived at the 5 Star Stables West of Bennington, N.W. of Omaha.
  Everyone sign in, enjoyed live Country Music, watched Mark Lyon spin a rope around a little boy.

PB080833 PB080834 PB080836 PB080840 PB080841
The stables under
the hayloft seating
Driving into the 5 Star Stables Live Country Music Rope Tricks

The Horse ShowMustamg Stampede Graphics
  About 4:20pm, everyone heads for the hayloft seating over the stables. Mark Lyon,  the 2008
  Extreme Mustang Makeover Champion, present his Christian Horse show after the National Anthem.

PB080849 PB080852
 Flag & horse
 Stand for Anthem
Flag coming
 Flag In Motion
During the National Anthem, Mark Lyon rode his Mustang Christian around the arena with US Flag
Hayloft seating
PB080861 PB080862 PB080865
A few words from Cheri Connel of SIGHT , Chad Peterson of GAMe & Roxanne Smith of STAFF
PB080868_Shaper PB080873
Circling Arena
PB080880 PB080881_Vert PB080882
< Snap Spin
The main program: with a assistance, using another horse, not yet broken in, demoed each step
  in taming a wild horse, Mark Lyon parallel steps a person goes thru to become a Christian.
The Message: Taming a wild Horse is like God taming your rebellious heart for his service.
  In other word, the process of you coming an Christian
Mustamg Stampede Graphics
Horse and men - you are no long free, now you have a master!
PB080889 PB080890 PB080891
The Jump
PB080892 PB080894
The show ended with Mark jumping his Mustang over low fence & a  line of Fire. West end of arena

Food & Fellowship
   About quarter after 6pm for an hour with live country background Music, everyone enjoyed conversation
   over hotdogs, hamburgers & chips. A drawing were hold for a small horse stature.

PB080896 PB080897 PB080898 PB080899 PB080901
PB080902 PB080904 PB080906 PB080907 PB080908
PB080909 PB080910 PB080912 PB080913 PB080914
Mark Lyon at left Thank you!! The kitchen Jose getting warm Stables last look!

Mustang Stempede

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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