GAMe Hayride 2008

Saturday October 11th, Unlike last year, today is unseasonable warm
and dry. This year’s before and after hayrack ride fellowship took place
around campfires just down the road from Santa's Woods Party Barn.
Everyone one gathers for a group photo before the 9pm hayrack ride.
Group Photo Hayrack Tractor Hay Ride Card Front
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Before the Ride - Fellowship around the Campfires 7 to 9pm.

PA110450 PA110452 PA110456 PA110457 PA110459
Park near the windmill, walk past the GAMe Sign to ... ... the event check-in. Than in for ..
PA110464 PA110461 PA110465_VertRight PA110467 PA110468
Chad's Helper ... food, fellowship and campfires ... One of may fires
PA110471 PA110472 PA110474 PA110475 PA110477
PA110478 PA110481 PA110482_Vert PA110484 PA110485
... for cooking Hotdog & making s'mores Announcement & prayer

Group Photo - by Richard Burney @ 9:00pm.

Group Photo   Group Photo Front Row
Front Row:
Jose Patio to Card Peterson
Webmaster in back Crowd
in "Center"

The Hayride - 9:15 to 10:15pm.
I rode in the middle rack. It was peaceful ride under overcast skies. Another rack want wild with
    throwing hay and stuffing people with straw to look like scarecrows.

PA110496 PA110500 PA110502 PA110504 PA110505
PA110506 PA110508 PA110512 PA110513 PA110514
PA110516_Cropped PA110519_Cropped PA110522 PA110529 PA110539

After The Ride - More fellowship until Midnight.

PA110532 PA110536 PA110540 PA110542 PA110543
More Food, ... ... & conversations, ..  ....  around the campfire.

Additional Photos  by Richard Burney and in GAMe Hayride Photo Album   

Conversation The Hayride The Barn Dance

GAMe Hayride 2008

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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