Eco Hunts Map & Into

Map & Logo (scanned) and text are from Fontenelle Forest EcoHuts booklet
Imagine A transformed world of inspired technology, unique
architecture and vast opposites to play and reflect

As you explore 7 Eco Huts along River Boardwalk – you will
push, pedal, spin and slide to discover that conservation
is more than a great ideal.

The Original Eco Huts

Discover “green” feature inside and out at Fontenelle Forest Nature Center – the Original Eco Huts.
Find example of green design and construction by playing the Eco Huts. Learn how these concepts
are demonstrated in the Eco Huts on long the Riverview Broadwalk

Exhibits designed by the Big Muddy Workshop.
Sponsored by Lamp Rynearson & Associates, Inc

EcoHuts @ Fonttnelle Forest - Map & Into

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