After Celebrate Lincoln Visit Downtown & UNL

June 21st, 2008  - Soon after lunch at the Celebrate Lincoln
  ethical street festival, Mike Bruening & I hiked to Morrill Hall
  for a Planetarium show with few stops downtown and on
  the UNL City Campus.  After dinner, we had ice cream on
  East Campus and enjoyed a sunset on the way home.
City Campus - Historical maker East Campus - UNL Dairy Store Waverly Sunset
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P6210768 P6210766 P6210770 P6210771 P6210773 P6210774
12th Street Sky Walk Mural
N. of the Celebrate Lincoln's Entry
Gold's Building - Skylight and atrium
NE corner of 11th and 'O' Street

University of Nebraska at Lincoln - City Campus - north of downtown

P6210776 P6210777 Here. we saw the
3pm show:

Dawn of the
Space Age
P6210785 P6210786
Historical maker at
Ferguson Hall
Mammoth Stature
at Morrill Hall
at the Mueller
Broyhill Fountain
North of ...
Nebraska Union
P6210783 P6210781 P6210782 P6210779 P6210780
Selleck Hall  Inside - Front lounge, Study Area next to Cafeteria and the front desk

UNL East Campus

P6210791 P6210787 P6210788 P6210789 P6210790
  The Sculpture Reverie by Linda Fleming is in front of the International Quilt Study Center
P6210792_Adj P6210794 P6210795 P6210796 P6210798
at Entrance After Dinner at Valentino  ....
P6210797 P6210800 P6210802 P6210803 P6210805
 ... Mike Bruening & I had a treat: Ice Cream Cones at the UNL Dairy Store

Waverly Sunset

  We took Highway 6 back to Omaha, passing thru Waverly Ne - Just North east of Lincoln.

P6210807 P6210809 P6210810
Near Sunset from
Business district
The 8:50 pm Sunset East of Waverly Ne
With & Without Camera's sunset sitting

After Celebrate Lincoln - Visit DT & UNL

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