Celebrate Lincoln 08

June 21st, 2008 - Before the afternoon UNL City Campus Visit &
 the evening East Campus treat, My friend, Mike Bruening and I,
 enjoyed International Food Samples and Entertainment at the
 Celebrate Lincoln ethical street festival in Downtown Lincoln.
International Food Samples Entertainment - African drums
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Street Scene - Around noon
  “N” Street from 12th to 14th was lined with food (west end), Merchants, and children activities (east end)
   booths.  Mike and I entered on 12th and walked around, while waiting for my friend, Paul Menter to arrive.

P6210697_Cropped P6210703 P6210699 P6210702 P6210704
Walking south on 12th ... with Mike Entering the Festival Looking N on 12th
P6210705 P6210707 P6210706 P6210722 P6210721
Where to go next? Pual Menter
View west from 13th & N area
 Flag from around the world are above.

International Food Tour - Before 1 pm
  There were about 14 stands selling food from around the world. The best deal was Food Tour Card
  – which you can sample any 5 stands. My choose was ….

P6210713 P6210714 P6210715 P6210716 P6210718
Famous Dave's - A sample of barbecued meats. Pastabilities - Italian Meat Balls
P6210720 P6210726 P6210727 P6210728 P6210712
Taste of Africa - Rice, Goat meat & Beans The Tour Card
P6210730 P6210732 P6210733 P6210744_EndStill P6210745
Mandy Egg Roll - Lemongrass Chicken and Rice? The Parthenon - sample of Greek meat

International Entertainment - Midday
  Beside street performer, there were various ethical acts & plays on the festival’s two stage from Friday to
  Sunday night. Mike and I listen to a potations of two acts on the main stage and one on family area stage.

P6210709 Entertain
Before (left)
During (Right)
After (Below)

P6210737 P6210738 P6210741
Little Brown Jug   Street Joggers - Two jugs pins & one jugs balls  in Motion
P6210754 P6210748 P6210749 P6210751 P6210752
 Schedule for the ...  Main stage - Cuban/Carribean Music by Son Del Llano for  Listening and
P6210756 P6210761 P6210760 P6210763_Left P6210763_Right
Dancing to Schedule for the
Family Zone stage
Ashanti Drum Circle's African drums
  in Motion small   & large

Celebrate Lincoln 08

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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