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Sunday, April 20 -  I photographed 9 can sculpture displays of the Canstruction Omaha:
 The Omaha Food Bank's  21st annual Can Festival Display, ran April 20-27th on the
 Lower Level of Westroads Mall's Von Maur Court.    Here are The Canstruction Results!
ConStruction Omaha 08 Info Sign April 22nd Canstruction Award Ceremony 
One of nation-wide Canstruction Event Cans Festival 05, 06 & 07
Select photos with comments are on eOmaha's Photography forum thread "Canstruction Omaha 08"

CanStruction_00_A Food Bank Logo O! What a Duck Race Take a bite But of Hunger! AAA Food Pan-Tree CanStruction_00_C Surpassing Expectations ... (Space Shuttle) A Winning Combination Pacman Presents: One of these things is not like the other (PacMan) Feed the hungry as FAST as we Can! Paving the way to eliminate Hunger Big Bird  
Clock wise around the South Atrium ... 10 Can Display .... and South to North toward the Central Atrium
Note: All photos were taken before mall hours with two other Omaha Food bank photographers. Ropes & posts were put up after Sunday photography.

Click on each team Name to see the team building their sculpture on overnight April 19th.

The South Atrium - Display Clockwise around the Atrium starting from the North.
CanStruction_00_A_Vert ConStruction Omaha 08 Info Sign CanStruction_01_A
CanStruction_02_A. CanStruction_02_B CanStruction_02_D
View toward
 Van Maur**
Food Bank Logo in Cans O! What a Duck Race!
CanStruction_03_A CanStruction_03_B
CanStruction_04_1 CanStruction_04_A CanStruction_04_B
 by Clint Pearcy
Whole Foods / RDG
Take a bite Out of Hunger!
Red RibbonHonorable
The AAA Nebraska / Transystems
AAA Food Pan-Tree
CanStruction_04_D_cp CanStruction_04_E_cp CanStruction_04_F_c
Taken by Clint Pearcy
 CanStruction_04_G CanStruction_04_H CanStruction_04_I CanStruction_04_J CanStruction_04_K CanStruction_04_L
Details:  Train and Packages around the AAA Food Pan-Tree

The South End - Across S. atrium from Von Maur
CanStruction_05_A CanStruction_05_B
 by Clint Pearcy
CanStruction_00_B CanStruction_00_C
Looking North toward Central Atrium** Arnold Air Society / UNO engineering
Surpassing Expectations ... (Space Shuttle)
Blue RibbonBest Meal*
CanStruction_06_1 CanStruction_06_A CanStruction_06_B CanStruction_06_C CanStruction_06_D CanStruction_06_E
 PayPal / Schemmer Associates - A Winning Combination  
CanStruction_07_1 CanStruction_07_A CanStruction_07_B CanStruction_07_C CanStruction_07_D CanStruction_07_E
Bland & Associates P.C. / HDR
Pacman Presents: One of these things is not like the other (PacMan)
Blue RibbonBest Use of Labels*
CanStruction_08_1 CanStruction_08_A
Taken by Clint Pearcy
CanStruction_08_C CanStruction_08_D CanStruction_08_E
Drake Williams Steel / Schemmer Associates
Feed the hungry as FAST as we Can!
Red RibbonHonorable Mention*
CanStruction_09_1 CanStruction_09_A CanStruction_09_B CanStruction_09_C CanStruction_09_D CanStruction_09_E
Kiewit Building Group - Paving the way to eliminate Hunger  
by Clint Pearcy
CanStruction_10_B CanStruction_10_C
The North End - S.E. of Mall's Center atrium
Blue Ribbon Structural Ingenuity
& Juror's Favorite*
Old Chicago
Big Bird
Purple Ribbon People's
Choice Award
Look South toward the South Atrium**

*All Ribbon and awards were given out at the April 22nd Canstruction 08' Awards Ceremony
**Area photos were taken Just before the Awards Ceremony

Canstruction Omaha 08

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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