Art Car Exhibit at Petrows Restaurant

Saturday August 30th - En-route to the Septemberfest grounds,
 north of the Qwest Center Omaha, Jose Patio and I stopped
 mid-afternoon at the Petrows Restaurant near 60th & Center to
 view the 9th Annual Central Art Car Exhibit. The Arts Cars were
 on display on east & west side of parking lot until 3:40pm.
Tirezilla Skin Caps on car named "Plastered

Eastside Display - Next to 59th Street
   The Cars Displayed on the left side of the Parking lot, looking from center Street.

ArtCar_1 North to South
 ● Bare Car
 ● The Drift Woodie
 ● Col-Labor-ation
 ● Chalk van
 ● Yellow Sub
ArtCar_A1 ArtCar_A2

Event Poster &
Art Car Cruise
Pit Stop Schedule
On east side... The "Bare" Car ...
ArtCar_A3 ArtCar_zA ArtCar_B0 ArtCar_B1
.. from rear and on the way out. The Drift Woodie
ArtCar_C0 ArtCar_C1 ArtCar_C2 ArtCar_C3 ArtCar_D
The Col-Labor-ation
has a heart on its hood & Mini on front grid
Yellow submarine
Chalk Van @ Left
ArtCar_E ArtCar_F0 ArtCar_F1 ArtCar_F2 ArtCar_F3
Tubo's Boneshaker The Shuttle Van is behind the Ambulance to the future - Alien  is inside
ArtCar_G0 ArtCar_G1 South to North
 ● Uncapped Chaos
 ● Tubo Boneshaker
 ● Shuttle Van
 ● Ambulance to
      the future
Uncapped Chaos

Westside Display - Next to the Restaurant
   The Cars Displayed on the Right side of the Parking lot, looking from center Street.

ArtCar_H1 AeroCar II
... is push by real
air-cooled aircraft

More Photos from
ArtCar_I1 ArtCar_I2 Da Kountry Peddlur

This hillbilly truck has
been in the 05 & 06
Ralston Independent
4th of July Parade and
At Petrows in 2006.
ArtCar_K0 ArtCar_K1 ArtCar_K2 ArtCar_k3 Tirezilla

This breast of a car is
covered with tires from
bumper to bumper.
ArtCar_L0 ArtCar_L1 ArtCar_L2 ArtCar_L3 The Computer Van

This Van is covered
with computer input
The Exhibit
info table in back
ArtCar_M0 ArtCar_M1 ArtCar_M2 ArtCar_M3 ArtCar_M4
Plastered - Almost every square inch of this car is cover with bottle caps.

2006 Art Car Exhibit
at Petrows Restaurant
The Yellow Submarine Aerocar 600 1st Salute to the Labor of Art
@ 2007 SeptemberFest
AeroCar 600 & II Shuttle Van

Art Car Exhibit at Petrows Restaurant

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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