Heartland AFW - Offutt Air Show

Saturday, Aug. 16th - Mike Bruening and I spend the
  last few hours of the Defenders of Freedom Open
  House & Air Show
at Offutt Air Force base viewing
  some displays, numerous aircrafts and a couple
  of Air Demo: C-17 & the Thunderbirds.
The 2008 Air show logo & Photo Index P8160567_VertLeft Heartland Air Force Week - Offutt Air Show

Airplanes on Display - F16, C-17

P8160496 P8160498 P8160500 P8160503 P8160504
F-15 Eagle* C-17 Globemaster III*

Ground Display
  This is two of many military, Air and Space related exhibits & display on the airbase’s Tarmac

T. H. O. R

The Heartland
Organization of
P8160507 P8160508 P8160505 P8160506
Air Force Weather

Field weather
 Station on Display
P8160511 P8160512 P8160509 P8160510
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Airplanes on Display - B-1B, KC-10, U-2

P8160517 P8160513 P8160514 P8160516 P8160520
B-1B Lancer* (bomber) KC-10 Extender* ..
P8160522 P8160525 P8160526 P8160524 P8160527
.. tanker & cargo View from K-10 "Entrance" - B-B1 seen in Middle photo the Cargo Area
P8160528 P8160530_Cropped P8160529_Cropped P8160532  
Passage area View from Exit - Warbirds - left & U-2 * U-2 pilot fight suit  
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C-17 Flight Demonstration
  It one impressive plane, including its short runway take off and landing capabilities 

Flyby & Climb :24
Turning :27
  Also see C-17 Demo video 6:21 @ Airshowbuzz.com Mike watching

Air Force Thunderbirds
 It were difficult to photograph the fast moving Thunderbirds . They always put a fast paste show.

P8160541 P8160540.Pam P8160542 P8160543_Cropped
P8160545 P8160547_ChopLeft P8160551 P8160554_Vert P8160555
P8160556 P8160560 P8160561 P8160563 P8160564
Introducing the pilots & Prep Sweep Taxing to Takeoff :12
P8160567 P8160567_VertLeft P8160574 P8160576 P8160576_Cropped
P8160584 P8160588_CropCenter P8160595 P8160596 P8160600
P8160602 The
P8160604 P8160609 P8160610

Airplanes & Motorcycle - F22. Air Force 'Bike', C-5

P8160605 P8160608 P8160615 P8160616 P8160622
F-22 Raptor* F22 from C-5
P8160611 P8160612 P8160614 P8160618 P8160620
Do Something Amazing Motorcycle display C-5 Galaxy* Side & back Me @ Back ramp
P8160623 P8160624 P8160625  
Mike take a rest walk thru the C-5* & out the front.
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*That Aircraft Fact sheet

Heartland Air Force Week - Offutt Air Show

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