St. Bernard's Nativity & Angel Display

Sunday November 24th, 2007 - Mid- afternoon, today, my mother and I viewed the 1000+ items
at the St. Bernard's 11th Annual Nativity & Angel Display along the parameter of St Bernard School
Gymnasium  65th & Military. There were Nativity Scenes & Angels of various Styles and Cultures

Christmas Tree @ Entry The displays were along the perimeter of the Gym
IMG_1464 IMG_1501 IMG_1465 IMG_1466 IMG_1468
IMG_1469 IMG_1470 IMG_1471 IMG_1472 IMG_1477_Hoiz
IMG_1478 IMG_1479 IMG_1480 IMG_1482 IMG_1483
IMG_1484 IMG_1485_Sqr IMG_1486 IMG_1487 IMG_1488
IMG_1490 IMG_1492 IMG_1493 IMG_1494 IMG_1495
IMG_1495_Insert IMG_1499 IMG_1500 Right: Channel 7
KETV Video
Photos on this 'Gray" has Nativity Scenes made of or in wood    

Nativity & Angel
Alaska Nativity A Nativity Angel More Angels

St. Bernard's Nativity & Angel Display

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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