Pre-Christmas Family Visit 2007

My older sister, Susan & the Schebler's Family, David, Sean & Kristen (from Indiana, Indianapolis)
came home for a three days Pre-Christmas Visit. They arrived late Monday and left early Friday.

Tuesday, Dec. 18 - Indoor Zoo Exhibits & Holidays Wildlights
Wednesday, Dec .19 - Lunch Out & Family Christmas
Thursday , Dec. 20th - Astronaut exhibit at Air & Space Museum
Holidays Wildlights Come Into my Kitchen Astronaut exhibit at Air & Space Museum

Tuesday, Dec. 18th - Day at Henry Doorly Zoo

This afternoon, everyone enjoyed the Indoor Exhibits
The Penguin at
Visitor Services
IMG_1954 IMG_1957 IMG_1959 IMG_1963 IMG_1964
IMG_1962 IMG_1968 IMG_1971 IMG_1975 IMG_1977
"Under" the Desert Dome
IMG_1981 IMG_1983 IMG_1986 IMG_1991 IMG_1992
"In" the Kingdom of the Night
IMG_2012 IMG_2016 IMG_2014 IMG_2024 IMG_2028
Hubbard Orangutan Forest & Gorilla Valley
IMG_2031 IMG_2034 IMG_2035 IMG_2038 IMG_2039
Peacock s Desert Dome Butterfly House (under construction)
IMG_2044 IMG_2047 IMG_2049 IMG_2052 IMG_2053
IMG_2054 IMG_2057 IMG_2058 IMG_2060 IMG_2066
Walter and Suzanne Scott Kingdoms of the Seas Aquarium

We viewed the Holidays Wildlights, after the Imax movie Antarctica

IMG_2083 IMG_2088
In Motion
IMG_2092_Vert IMG_2095
IMG_2096 IMG_2099 IMG_2101 IMG_2102 Wildlights has
one of 2007
Christmas Tree

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Wednesday, Dec. 19th - Lunch out and family Christmas

Lunch at Coming into My Kitchen - 5423 Leavenworth Omaha, Nebraska

IMG_2104 IMG_2107 IMG_2105 IMG_2108_Vert
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IMG_2116 The Family Portraits & Gift Exchange were after Annual Oyster stew dinner.

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Thursday , Dec. 20th - Strategic Air & Space Museum

An afternoon visit to the Air & Space Museum to view Clayton Anderson - Heartland Astronaut exhibit

IMG_2170 IMG_2172 IMG_2173 IMG_2180 IMG_2181
Coming The Atrium decked out for Christmas Hanger A
IMG_2185_Vert IMG_2208 IMG_2187 IMG_2188 IMG_2192
International Space Station Model
IMG_2191 IMG_2189 IMG_2189_Chopped IMG_2193 IMG_2194
Shuttle Simulator Science Stations
Clayton Anderson - Heartland Astronaut  exhibit
IMG_2200 IMG_2205 IMG_2206 IMG_2177 IMG_2209
  Hanger B Restoration area Leaving
   Some thumbnails are out of order for better presentation.

The Outing ends with family dinner at Valentino's Pizza.

Pre-Christmas Family Visit 2007

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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