The Living Garden @ Lauritzen Gardens

Sunday May 20th  - I attended two morning performance of The Living Garden®
ensemble on the second day of Lauritzen Gardens Spring into Spring Festival.
The Statue Comes Alive The Rock & Vine Rockman admires the Statue

Floral Hall
 Here The Living Garden® performance under the glass dome and panel from the Bogenrief
 Studios' Stained-Glass Art Exhibit. The Glass dome and Panel were removed few day later.

Floral_Hall_01 Floral_Hall_03 Floral_Hall_04 Floral_Hall_07 Floral_Hall_08 Floral_Hall_09
Dome & Pool The audience arrive under the glass panel Above and in the Fish pond

The Garden Comes Alive...
....when the music starts. The Statue, the Vines and Rookman slowly arrive and come to life,
   adding to half hour of visual images and illusions of The Living Garden®.

Living_Garden_01 Living_Garden_05 Living_Garden_06 Living_Garden_07 Living_Garden_08
Music to begin The Statue.. .... comes alive.    In Motion
Living_Garden_09 Living_Garden_10 Living_Garden_11 Living_Garden_13 Living_Garden_15
The Vine... ... hides In Motion    The Rockman arrives... join with the Vne
Living_Garden_16_Cropped Living_Garden_19 Living_Garden_21 Living_Garden_22 Living_Garden_23
Vine hugs the Rock All Three Rockman admires the Statue   Movie
Living_Garden_24 Living_Garden_26_Cropped_Org Living_Garden_28 Living_Garden_34 Living_Garden_37
Vines dance Faces in the vines      
Living_Garden_38 Statue_Upclose_1 Statue_Upclose_4 Statue_Upclose_6 The_End
Rock on way out A Closer look The last look Statue leaves... from under the dome

Note: Photos and short videos from both morning performance were combine to
give a more complete coverage of the this unique entertainment experience.

The Living Garden @ Lauritzen Gardens

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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