Sand in the City 07

Saturday September 29th - Mid-afternoon, Mike Bruening and I enjoyed  the
  Sand in the City Event in the north parking of Millardís Landing, Omaha Riverfront.
  It is a fundraiser for the Nebraska Children's Home Society FoundationBefore any
  sculpture was created, the parking lot were covered in heavy plastic and the
  sand were trucked in.
Sand in the City Program Front In Miiddel of the DisplaysSand in the City 2007 Logo

A_Info_1 A_Info_2 A_Info_3 A_Info_4 The Signs of the Event ...

@ Abbott & Riverfront Drive
... Event Logo
... Where to find it
... AIA Omaha

The Sculpture Displays
  Mike and I walked clockwise though the displays area, viewing all
  15 sand sculpture groups created by various community teams.
  Interesting, 4 of 15 displays has a "Cars" movie theme.

Sand Display Location
 City / West Side Displays - South to North + #8  
Display_15_A Display_15_1
#15 Game of Operation
Display_14_A Display_14_1
#14 "Cars" ends final race
Display_13_A Display_13_1
#13 From Easter Island?
Display_12_1 Display_12_A Display_12_B
#12 Spider Man in Omaha
Display_11_A Display_11_1
#11 Child's Playroom
Display_09_A Display_09_B
#9 "Cars" Lost in Radiator Springs
Display_08_A Display_08_1
#8 sea Treasures
 -- People Choice winner--
River / East Side Displays - North to South  
Display_01_A Display_01_1
#1 "Cars" in the race
Display_02_A  Display_02_1
 #2 Ship wreck
#4  What a City
Display_05_A Display_05_1
#5 "Cars" in the race II
Display_06_A Display_06_1
#7 Monster under the bed
Display_07_A Display_07_1
#6 Sport shoes & Balls
     Note: Display tittles were give by the webmaster, Steve Adams

In The Middle - Sandbox, Pro Sand Sculpture Demo & traveling "O!" (South to North)

SandBox < Children in the Giant Sand box
A professional team was curving a sand
 sculpture with the likeness of the first
 and current Children's Home on opposite
 sides. First National Tower were on top.
SandSculpture_1 SandSculpture_2
SandSculpture_3 SandSculpture_4 SandSculpture_5 SandSculpture_6 SandSculpture_7
SandSculpture_8 TheO_1 TheO_2 TheO_3 TheO_4
  The traveling "O!" Sculpture with Steve Adams and Mike Bruening inside the "o"

Sand in the City 07

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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