Lauritzen Gardens - Week after Railroads Days

Saturday July 23 - Saturday following Railroads Days @ Lauritzen Gardens,
 My friend Jose Patio and I visited the Model Railroad Garden. In route from
 the visitor center, we walked through the Victorian Garden. Afterward, We
 walked to Sunpu Gate with stop at the Children's Garden.
Childen's Garden ABC's Sunpu Gate from Mt fuji

Model Railroad Garden
A week after the Railroad Garden Grand Opening, the boardwalk was clear of people and it was
a joy to watch the trains passing. A Lady Bug Trolley was running on the Cover Bridge Line.

IMG_9659 IMG_9660 IMG_9661 IMG_9662 IMG_9664
Model Railraod Garden Info Booklet Model
IMG_9666 IMG_9667 IMG_9668

Victorian  & Children's Garden

IMG_9669 IMG_9670 IMG_9671
Victorian Garden
South end
Children's Garden
ABC's Garden
Top of the
Corn Maize

Sunpu Gate & Mt Fuji
While Jose was resting at the Gate, I was enjoying viewing the developing landscape.
 The Sunpu Castle Gate Replica was a gift from Omaha Sister City Shizuoka Japan in 2005.

IMG_9672 IMG_9673 IMG_9674 IMG_9676

Lauritzen Gardens - Week after Railroads Days

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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