2007 Midland International Auto Show

Saturday, January 27th - On this windy bone chilling day,  I spend several hours
  at the Midlands International Auto Show at the Qwest Center Omaha.  Besides
  checking out the new cars from Scion (ecoboxs) to Lexus (high end),  I saw the
  Disney-Pixar Cars, the Classic  Automobiles, and Concept Vehicles.
Classic Automobiles Concept Vehicles

Disney-Pixar Cars
   These life size replica of the "Stars", Mater, Lighting McQueen, and Sally in the new Disney-Pixar
   movie "Cars" attracts kids of all ages.

IMG_7666 IMG_7684 IMG_7669 IMG_7670 IMG_7672
IMG_7674 IMG_7676 IMG_7707 IMG_7678 IMG_7682

Classic Automobiles
   Ten classic cars were on display in two rows - Five cars per row.

IMG_7688 IMG_7690 IMG_7692 IMG_7694 IMG_7696

Concept Vehicles
   Their were many concept cars including the Dodge M80 (yellow), Chrysler Bel Air (red)
   & The ME Four-Twelve super Car (gray) below.

IMG_7655 IMG_7697 IMG_7698 IMG_7699 IMG_7701
IMG_7656 IMG_7659 IMG_7664 IMG_7660 IMG_7661

NOTE: Some pictures above are displayed out of order to give a better presentation of the Auto show.

2007 Midland International Auto Show

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