Japanese Ambience @ Lauritzen Gardens 07
A Salute to Shizuoka and Japanese Culture

Autumn Ambience - Antique Tractors Display Saturday October 6th - This is the 2nd anniversary Celebration of the
 Sunpu Gate dedication, which includes displays of Koinobori or Carp Kites
 on the Gardenís flagpole, over the Chrysanthemum Show, at the Sunpu Gate
 The gate area has Martial Art Demo and many Japanese culture activities.
 This is part of the Autumn Ambience festival.
Ikebana International Japanese floral Display Afternoon Martial Art Demo Koinobori  above the Chrysanthemum Show
 Both the Gate (2005) and Koinobori (2007) are the gift of Omaha Sister City, Shizouka, Japan.

Koinobori or Carp Kites on the Flagpoles

A_Flag_Pole_Koinobori_1 A_Flag_Pole_Koinobori_2 A_Flag_Pole_Koinobori_3 A_Flag_Pole_Koinobori_4 A_Flag_Pole_Koinobori_5

Ikebana International Japanese floral Display - Visitor Center

C_IKebana_Display_12 C_IKebana_Display_11 C_IKebana_Display_10 C_IKebana_Display_07 C_IKebana_Display_05
C_IKebana_Display_04 C_IKebana_Display_01 C_IKebana_Display_02 C_IKebana_Display_03 C_IKebana_Display_13
Photo are displayed out of order for better presentation

Japanese Culture @ the Sunpu Gate Area Autumn Ambience Map Gate Area
   Japanese culture activates listed on the Autumn Ambience Map

Afternoon Martial Art Demo -
Some Action
E_Martial_Art_Demo_04 E_Martial_Art_Demo_05

The Grand Koinobori Display
F_Sunpu_Gate _Koinobori_01 F_Sunpu_Gate _Koinobori_03 F_Sunpu_Gate _Koinobori_04 F_Sunpu_Gate _Koinobori_05 F_Sunpu_Gate _Koinobori_06
F_Sunpu_Gate _Koinobori_08 F_Sunpu_Gate _Koinobori_10 F_Sunpu_Gate _Koinobori_11 F_Sunpu_Gate _Koinobori_12_Cropped F_Sunpu_Gate _Koinobori_14
Koinobri display only doing Fall / Japanese Ambience festival

A Sample of Japanese Culture
G_Japanese_Culture_01 G_Japanese_Culture_02 G_Japanese_Culture_03 G_Japanese_Culture_04 G_Japanese_Culture_05
Omaha Sister
City History
Chopsticks Games &
Japan words Sample
Japanese Wine Tasteing
Larry Uebner sample them

Chrysanthemum Show - Visitor Center
  Just Like Last Year, this show continues the Japanese Theme but with some variations.

Sister Cities
H_Chrysanthemum_Show_02 H_Chrysanthemum_Show_03
Sunpu Gate Model
H_Chrysanthemum_Show_05 H_Chrysanthemum_Show_06 H_Chrysanthemum_Show_07
Koinobori or Carp Kites ab
This display has...
H_Chrysanthemum_Show_09 H_Chrysanthemum_Show_10
Young girl Dolls
H_Chrysanthemum_Show_11 H_Chrysanthemum_Show_12
Koinobori wooden box
H_Chrysanthemum_Show_13 H_Chrysanthemum_Show_14
... and Japanese Garden Model

Japanese Ambience Tents & Sunpu Gate Japanese Maple Tree Takio Drumming Performance

Japanese Ambience @ Lauritzen Gardens 07

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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