Autumn Ambience @ Lauritzen Gardens 07

Japanese Ambience - Ikebana Display Saturday October 6th - This weekend festival celebrates the 6th anniversary
 of Lauritzen Gardens.  There were various fall related activates and displays
 including the Chrysanthemum Show, and Antique Tractors display throughout
 the gardens. Also includes the Japanese Ambience Activates.
Antique Tractors Display Chrysanthemum Show

Out Front In the gardens
A_Flag_Pole_Koinobori_1 A_Flag_Pole_Koinobori_3 B_Out_Front_1 B_Out_Front_3 C_In_Garden_01 C_In_Garden_02
Koinobori or Carp Kites on flagpoles
 An gift from  Skizuoka, Japan
Organ Grinders
Touch of fall
@ front entry
 The Tram had corn
stock decoration
Koinobori Display
@ Sunpu Gate

Click on this Sunpu Gate symbol for more photos and related information.

The Map Detrails Antique Tractors Display
  By the Elkhorn Valley Antique Power Association.  See map for location
  of given tractor by number.  Note: I did not take photo of every tractor
  displayed and photos not in the order taken.
The Map

Near Arboretum & Bird Sanctuary Next to Victorian Garden On Spring Flowering Walk
 D_Antique_Tractor_12 D_Antique_Tractor_13
#10 - 1948 Oliver Model 99

D_Antique_Tractor_14 D_Antique_Tractor_15
#11 - 1946 Farmall Model A
D_Antique_Tractor_16 D_Antique_Tractor_17
#8 - 1952 Ford Model 8N

View from Spring Flowing walk
D_Antique_Tractor_04 D_Antique_Tractor_05
#25 - 1946 Farmall Model M

D_Antique_Tractor_02 D_Antique_Tractor_03
#26 - 1938 J.I. Case Model CC
On the Road tothe Sunpu Castle Gate & Mt. Fuji Replica Near The Rose Garden
#19, #20
1941 John Deere LA
D_Antique_Tractor_18 D_Antique_Tractor_18_Hoiz
L to R: #16,15,14,13
D_Antique_Tractor_07 D_Antique_Tractor_08
#21 - 1951 Minneapolis Model - V

Chrysanthemum Show
This show, which runs September 30th to November 18th  has a Japanese Theme.

H_Chrysanthemum_Show_01 H_Chrysanthemum_Show_03
Model of the gate &
Japanese Garden
H_Chrysanthemum_Show_11 H_Chrysanthemum_Show_13
Koinobori Info

Antique Tractors Display   The Scarecrow The Sunpu Gate 2006
The Chrysanthemun Show An Organ Ginders Antique Tractors Display

Autumn Ambience @ Lauritzen Gardens 07

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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