GAMe Hayride 2007

October 13th, 2007 - On this drizzling evening, food & fellowship were
 moved indoor at Santa's Woods Party Barn.  The drizzle left in time for
 the 9pm Hayrack ride. I had uneventful ride on the tame quiet hayrack.
 The other rack had fun throwing hay and stuffing people with straw to
 look like scarecrows. That was followed by upstairs Barn Dance until
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Dance & Camp Fire Videos

YWCA :57
Dance 1
Dance 1 :14
Dance 2
Dance 2 :03
Dance 3
Dance 3 :12
Dance 4
Dance 4 :12
Dance 4
Campfire :03


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Conversions Word to all   Everyone here  
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The 9pm hayride
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Food & Conversation The Barn Dance
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GAMe Hayride 2007

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