@ Fontenelle Forest

Saturday November 3rd - My Friend, Jose Patio and I took an afternoon hike in Fontenelle Forest,
 (between- Bellevue, Nebraska and Missouri River). We viewed the Elements Environmental Arts Exhibit
 scattered along the Barrier free Boardwalk. Later, we hiked down to Child's Hollows and along a Green Colored
 Creek and cross the railroad track to the Missouri River. On the way back, we hiked Child's Hollow Trail
  to bridge over a creek, up the Linden Trail passing the Tim Guthrie's Burn ring's Center of Burn Stick.
Center of Brun Stick

The Elements Environmental Arts Exhibit - Blog
   It features artwork by seven award winning artists. Each artwork, which used various natural materials, makes its statement of
   man and his relationship with nature. They were on display scatted along the Barrier free Boardwalk August, 24th - November 3rd.
   News and more on this elements environmental art Exhibits are on the Elements Insider Blog.

To Fashion Inspired By Nature To Forest Canopy To Dyed & Wrapped To Weird Sisters/MacBeth Fifty Birds and One Squirrel To Sun Tower To Burn: Scar, Ring and Star
Tiny Burn LogoClick on thumbnail for artwork gallery "Row"
To Broadwalk Walk
The hike
Brochure Map of Environmental Art Exhibit Google Earth / Burn Map of Environmental Art Exhibit
Maps of Environmental Arts Exhibit

Click on left photo for artwork information
see brochure text >
Fashion Inspired
 By Nature

Wendy Krecek
Click to enlarge text
  from the Elements
 Art Brochure
Elements_B0 Forest Canopy

David Hansen
Elements_B1 Elements_B2 Elements_B3 Elements_B4
Elements_C0 Dyed & Wrapped

Mary Zicafoose
Elements_C1 Elements_C2 Elements_C3 Elements_C4
Elements_D0 Weird Sisters /

C. Daniel Newberr
Elements_D1 Elements_D2 Elements_D3  
Elements_E0 Fifty Birds and
 One Squirrel

Les Bruning

Elements_E1 Elements_E2 Elements_E3 Elements_E4
Elements_F0 Sun Tower

Jamie Burmeister
Elements_F1 Elements_F2 Elements_F3 Elements_F4
Elements_H0 Tim Guthrie's Burn Logo: Scar,
Ring and Star

Tim Guthrie

Elements_H1 Elements_H2 Elements_H3 Elements_H4
GoogleBurn_05 GoogleBurn_06 GoogleBurn_09 Elements_H9 Elements_H7 View Brochure

Tim Guthrie's Burn Logo
Row above: Scar
Left: Ring
These Burn's Google earth plugin snapshots
show location of all 36 Edge Sticks, including ...
.... one at boardwalk's entrance and the
Center of Burn Stick on the Linden Trail

The Boardwalk Hike
  Some interesting images of the hike, Including addition photos of the Element Art Exhibits.

IMG_1308 IMG_1318 IMG_1329 IMG_1330 IMG_1332 IMG_1339 IMG_1343
IMG_1344 IMG_1345 IMG_1349 IMG_1352 IMG_1370  IMG_1369  

Art in the Forest
Dave Roger's Big Bugs
Tree Marching Arts Green Chlild Hollow Creek

Elements @ Fontenelle Forest

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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