2007 May - September Highlights

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Flag of Netherlands & United States
May 19th - Tulip Festival 07
@ Orange City, Iowa
Has 110+7 Pictures
Molen Garden Dutch Street Organ
The Statue Comes Alive
May 20th - The Living Garden
@ Lauritzen Gardens
Has 31 Pictures
The Rock & Vine Rockman admires the Statue
This is Omaha O!
June 2nd-July 10th - O! Art
@ all over Omaha
Has 90 Pictures
White Ribbit Suffolk War Horse
Signs for "Sand in the City"
June 9th - Sand in The City
@ Millardís Landing
Has 38+12 Pictures
 sea Treasures Nebraska Children's Home sculpture
West Sarpy County Benches
July 10th-Aug 28th - Plains to Planes
@ All  Across Sarpy County
Has 103 Pictures
Central Sarpy County Benches Eastern Sarpy County Benches
Model Railraod Garden Grand Opening
July15th - Railroads Days
@ Lauritzen Gardens
Has 50 Pictures
MONA @ Visitor Center Union Pacific Railroad Chorale
The Lady Bug Trolley
July 21st - Week After RR Days
@ Lauritzen Gardens
Has 17 Pictures
Childen's Garden ABC's Sunpu Gate from Mt fuji
Warehouse Conversation
July 27-28th - 30th Reunion
For Westside High Class of 77
Has 25+37 Pictures 
BBQ Dinner Class Photos
Pioneer Courthouse Square Station
August 16-20th - Portland Oregon
For Pat Roach's Wedding
Has 266+ Pictures   on 6 pages
The Wedding ceremony Latourell Falls
NASCAR Legends Display
Sept 1st - Nascar & Art Cars
@ Septmeberfest 2007
Has 30 Pictures
AeroCar 600 & II Shuttle Van
Field of Flags
Sept 11th - 9/11 Flags Display
@ Memorial Park
Has 22 Pictures
Nebraska Connection Circle Single 9/11 victims flag
Rail Cars at DWHM
Sept 22nd - Private Railcars at DWHM
0n Eomahaforums.com
Has 26 Pictures
Rail Cars next to DWHM the Scottish Thistle
Douglas County Fair Displays
Sept 29th - Nebraska Cake & More
@River City Roundup
Has 36 Pictures
Agriculture Toys Display Nebraska Cake
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