"The Perfect Present" Christmas Pageant

Saturday December 16th - I attended the 7 PM performance of the
 Westside Church's Christmas play "The Perfect Present".

It is about a family packing for a move, the father have trouble finding the
"Perfect present" and the "reading" of the Nativity story "Chloe’s Story"
Pre-Nativity Angel on High

Act I - A Family were packing to move, Father shopping for that "Perfect present"

IMG_7092 IMG_7095 IMG_7096 IMG_7098 IMG_7099
IMG_7101 IMG_7103 IMG_7104 IMG_7105 IMG_7108
IMG_7109 IMG_7110 IMG_7112 IMG_7115 IMG_7116
IMG_7117 IMG_7120 IMG_7122 IMG_7123 IMG_7124

Act II - Reading the Nativity story "Chloe’s Story" - a story of bagger at Christ’s stable

The act begins with the daughter this book and ask her mother to read and end with father come
  come home and find them reading this story

IMG_7125 IMG_7127 IMG_7128 IMG_7130 IMG_7133
IMG_7134 IMG_7138 IMG_7143 IMG_7147 IMG_7148
IMG_7149 IMG_7152 IMG_7153 IMG_7154 IMG_7155

Act III - The Kings of Kings

IMG_7157 IMG_7158 IMG_7161 IMG_7164 IMG_7168

"The Perfect Present" Christmas Pageant

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