Pre-Christmas Family Visit

My older sister, Susan & the Schebler's Family, David, Sean & Kristen (from Indiana, Indianapolis)
 came home for a three days Pre-Christmas Visit. They arrived late Tuesday and left early Saturday.

Wed Dec. 20th
     has 39 photos
Kingdom of the Night Jungle Rope Bridge Wildlight at Twilight Family at Shore Display Wildlight at Night Zoo & Wildlights
... at Twilight
... at Night
Thru Dec. 21st
     has 31 photos
Making Sushi Sean Play Wii game Waiting for Table at Mr. C's Susan's Family Portaits Family gife exchange Making Sushi
   Wii & Mr. C's
   Family Portraits
Fri Dec. 22nd
     has 15 photos
Christmas Tree of the World Display Floor Map of Omaha Teapot Holiday Miniatures Listen to War Memories Train Stories  DWHM
... Upstairs
... Downstairs

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