From Sushi to "Family Christmas"

Thursday, December 21st - Today the ladies made Sushi, my nephew,
 Sean, played with the Wii game system.  Everyone had Dinner out at
 Mr. C's, followed by the family Portraits and package exchange.
 Sean Play a Wii Game Waiting for Table at Mr. C's Family gife exchange

Ladies Making "sushi"
  While David, relaxed playing Sony PSP, The ladies were making Sushi for Lunch.

IMG_7308 IMG_7309 IMG_7310 IMG_7311 IMG_7313
IMG_7316 IMG_7318 IMG_7321 IMG_7323 IMG_7324

Wii Games & Net Making
  Mid-afternoon, while Sean, played several "Wii" video games, ladies made net crafts.

IMG_7326 IMG_7329 IMG_7333 IMG_7328 IMG_7331
Sean played "Trauma Center: Second Opinion" Game Ladies working on Net Crafts

Family Dinner at "Mr C's"

IMG_7341 IMG_7342 IMG_7343 IMG_7344 IMG_7345
Waiting for a table, we enjoy the holidays decoration Ready to enjoy the meal

Family Portraits & Gife Exchange

IMG_7347 IMG_7348 IMG_7349 IMG_7350 IMG_7352
The Family The men and ladies My Mother's & Susan's family (Schebler)
IMG_7338 IMG_7354 IMG_7355 IMG_7356 IMG_7358 IMG_7361

Pre-Christmas Family Visit - From Sushi to "Family Christmas"

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