"The Polar Express" Ice Sculpture

December 18th - The morning after the Holiday Lights Festivalís - Family Festival,
 I photographed the 2006 ConAgra Foods Ice Sculpture (Polar Express theme)
 and the Ice Sculptures Demonstration.

ConAgra Foods Ice Sculpture
End of line Two Raindeers
The weather in mid-December was usually warm - in the 40ís and 50ís. This Ice Sculpture was carved by
 the Cincinnati-based Arctic Diamond Ice Artist the day or two in a closed tent before its reveling at the
 December 17th Family Festival. It based on various scenes from the popular holiday movie "Polar Express".

IMG_7172 IMG_7174 IMG_7177 IMG_7179 IMG_7181
IMG_7182 IMG_7185 IMG_7186 IMG_7187 IMG_7189
IMG_7191_Cropped IMG_7193 IMG_7194 IMG_7196 IMG_7197
IMG_7199 IMG_7200 IMG_7201 IMG_7203 IMG_7204

Ice Sculptures Demonstration

These sculptures were carved by local ice artists during the Sunday, December 17th Family Festival.

IMG_7205 IMG_7207 IMG_7209 IMG_7210 IMG_7215
Carving A Carving B Carving C Carving D
IMG_7212 IMG_7211
  Artist Company
A Steve Hodge & Matt Burton ConAgra Food
B Tom Abel, Bart Fagan,
Chris Ozment & Rick Fuller
Brandeis Catering
C Darren Cobb Hilton Omaha
D Wayne Dinger &
 Brad Groesser
Embassy Suites

Previous Year Ice Sculpture

2004: "Lewis & Clark" [exposition]

IMG_0143 IMG_0133 IMG_0151
2005 "Home for the Holidays"

The Firplace Jack in the Box 2005 ConAgra Foods Ice Sculpture IMG_3608

"The Polar Express" Ice Sculpture

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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