2006 Holidays

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Union Station at Dusk
Nov. 24th - Christmas At Union Station
@ Durham Western Heritage Museum
Has 31 Pictures
Lite Tree in Darken Lobbey "Pierson Family"
Alaska Nativity
Nov. 26th - St. Bernard's Nativity & Angel Display
Has 35 Pictures
A Nativity Angel More Angels
  - Highlights 2006 ends with Thanksgiving Day -  
Scottish Society of Nebraska
Dec. 1st - Passport to the world - Ethnic Festival
@ Durham Western Heritage Museum
Has 75 Pictures
One Nation Flag Japanese American Dance
the Nutcracker dance
December 3rd - Christmas in Germany
@ German-American Society of Omaha
Has 26 Pictures
Hummel with U.S Flag German Christmas Tree
The Atrium Before the Drama
December 4th - "We Have A Little Christmas"
An Christ Community Church Christmas musical
Has 72 Pictures
Let it Snow Defining a word
Act I - Moving Out
December 16th - "The Perfect Present"
An Westside  Church Christmas Pageant
Has 40 Pictures
Christ's Stable Christ on the Throne
Ice Fire
December 18th - "The Polar Express" Ice Sculpture
Has 27 Pictures
The Engine Man on the "Moon"
Wildlight at Night
December 20-22nd - Pre-Christmas Family Visit
Has 85 Pictures
Family gife exchange Listen to War Memories
Quilt Shop
December 27th - Holiday Miniatures
@ Durham Western Heritage Museum
Has 38 Pictures
Holiday in a Jar The Word of God
Gingerbread Display At Kanesville Tabernacle
December 30th - "Song of the Heart"
Council Bluffs - has 26 Pictures
Omaha - has 42 Pictures
4-Scencs Nativity Carousel Gingerbread Display At Mornom Trail Center
"Pierson Family"
Nov 24th-Jan 3rd - Christmas Tree 2006
Has 23 Trees Pictures from Holidays 06 Galleries
@ St. Bernard's Nativity & Angel Display Angel at Kanesville Tabernacle
  - Highlights 2007  begins -  
Outside the foral Hall
January 3rd - 2006 Holiday Poinsettia Show
@ Lauritzen Gardens
Has 26 Pictures
Ball Refection Indoor Wildlife Tree Closeup

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