Woodman's 9/11 5th Anniversary Flag

Thursday September 14 - Woodmen of the World Observed the Fifth Anniversary of
, with a huge 50 by 100 foot American Flag draped on the west & east side of
  the Woodman Tower (Friday, Sept 8th until late afternoon today - blown off) & the twin beams
  of light symbolizing the fallen WTC towers (Monday, Sept 11th to Sunday, Sept 17th)
From Under I-480 twin Beam of Light

IMG_6030 IMG_5997 IMG_5988 IMG_6061 IMG_5995 IMG_6066 IMG_6070

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Flag Facts
This Morning, I walked the length of Gene Leahy Mall to the end of Heartland of American Park
and back to The Woodman Tower, taking over 45 photos of the flag.
The View is from ...

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... Gene Leahy Mall

IMG_5986 IMG_5987 IMG_5988 IMG_5990 IMG_5995
... Farman & 14th Street ... 13th Street Bridge
IMG_5997 IMG_6002 IMG_6003 IMG_6004 IMG_6005
... Gene Leahy Mall Foot bridge
IMG_6008 IMG_6009 IMG_6010 IMG_6011  
... 10th Street Bridge
IMG_6014 IMG_6016 IMG_6017 IMG_6022
... Slide Area ... Farman & 10th ... Farman &  8th  

.... Heartland of American Park

IMG_6025 IMG_6028 IMG_6030 IMG_6031 IMG_6032
... Though Trees view with the fountain
IMG_6033 IMG_6034 IMG_6036 IMG_6037 IMG_6038
.... Footbridge to Lewis & Clark Landing ... Under I-480 on footbridge
IMG_6047 IMG_6049 IMG_6050  
View up Douglas ... Crossing above 8th  

... Back to Woodman Tower

IMG_6051 IMG_6058 IMG_6059 IMG_6060 IMG_6061
... Just past Douglas & 10th Union Pacific Center Reflection 
IMG_6064 IMG_6065 IMG_6066 IMG_6070 IMG_6074
See flag reflection? Peeking behind Center Park Plaza Over the "Omaha Building" & Trees
IMG_6075 IMG_6078 IMG_6081 IMG_6076 IMG_6079
On the other side,  the West Side Twin beam of Light off!

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Flag Facts
Size: 50 x 100 Foot
Stripes Width: 4' Foot
Star Height: 3 Foot
Number of floor covered: Apx. 7
Cost: $10.000 (Est.)

Source: Woodman of world News release
  expect for Cost info (now unavailable)

Woodman's 9/11 5th Anniversary Flag

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