Shizuoka Little League in Omaha
AKA Sister Cities Baseball: Omaha - Shizuoka (Japan)

Sunday - Sunday June 18-25 - Two little League Teams from Omaha Sister City, Shizuoka, Japan  (Telsees 11's & 13's) plays 11 games in two tournaments - Gland Slam V & the Super Series Network Crowne Series.  Telsees 13th won their last Game. Also they visited a World Series Game or two, "Sunpu Gate" at Lauritzen Garden, the Omaha Children's Museum and the Henry Doorly Zoo.
Team Portraits
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Lauritzen Gardens
Monday, June 19th 2005
     has 37 photos
Tram to Sunpu Gate Sunpu Gate Mt Fuji View Stream Train - Tram to Gate
- Sunpu Gate
- Kenefick Park
Tuesday Game
Tuesday, June 20th, 2005
     has 20 photos
Read to Swing Pitching After the Game - Game Action
- End of Game
Final Game - Win
Sunday, June 25th, 2005
     has 33 photos
Japanese Flag at Game At Bat Team Bow Signing the BaseBall Signing the Program - Game Action
- End of Game
- Signing the Balls
An Omaha Sister Cities Event Note the webmaster, Steve R. Adams, photographed only two games

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