Japanese Ambience @ Lauritzen Gardens
A Salute to Shizuoka and Japanese Culture

Lautitzen Gardens' 5th anniversary Saturday October 7th - This One year Celebration of the Supu Gate Dedication
 includes the Tree Planting Ceremony & the Takio Drumming Performance. This
 Gate was a gift from the Omaha Sister City, Shizouka, Japan symbolizes 40 years
 of friendship and culture exchanges.  It is part of the Autumn Ambience festival.
Japanese Maple Tree Takio Drumming Performance

   All photos with part or all of Omaha's Mount Fuji has a green 'outline'
A_Japanese_Culture_01 A_Japanese_Culture_02 A_Japanese_Culture_03 A_Japanese_Culture_04 A_Japanese_Culture_05
Miniature Tea house in the
 Visitor Center's Ikebana Display
The 1:00 pm Martial Art Demo - Next to the Sunpu Gate
A_Japanese_Culture_06 A_Japanese_Culture_07 A_Japanese_Culture_08 A_Japanese_Culture_09 A_Japanese_Culture_10
Japan outfits Where is the Sunpu Castle in Shizuoka, Japan? Path to Mt Fuji
A_Japanese_Culture_12 A_Japanese_Culture_13 A_Japanese_Culture_14 A_Japanese_Culture_15
Sample of Japan words and their alphabet used in Calligraphy
 Guest / member can get their name written in Japanese
View from Mt Fuji
A_Japanese_Culture_16 A_Japanese_Culture_17 A_Japanese_Culture_18 A_Japanese_Culture_19 A_Japanese_Culture_20
Origami - Free Japanese Paper Folding class Japanese Ambience Tents & Sunpu Gate
Also activates including "Sake tasting" - Sampling Japanese wine.  

Tree Planting Ceremony
   At 2:00 pm, a Japanese Maple Tree "Dedication".   It was planted to the right, west of the
   Sunpu Gate. Omaha Sister Cities Association V.P. Bob Turner (Sr. VP of Union Pacific Railroad),
   Mayor Mike Fahey and Spencer Crews gave speeches

B_Tree_Planting_Ceremony_01 B_Tree_Planting_Ceremony_02 B_Tree_Planting_Ceremony_03 B_Tree_Planting_Ceremony_04 B_Tree_Planting_Ceremony_05
Japanese Maple Mayor Mike Fahey
& Spencer Crews
Mayor Mike Fahey
& Bob Turner
Spencer Crews
0pens Ceremony
First speaker ...
& Japanese Maple
B_Tree_Planting_Ceremony_06 B_Tree_Planting_Ceremony_07 B_Tree_Planting_Ceremony_08 B_Tree_Planting_Ceremony_09 B_Tree_Planting_Ceremony_10
V.P. Bob Turner  then everyone listened to .... Mayor Mike Fahey  
B_Tree_Planting_Ceremony_11 B_Tree_Planting_Ceremony_12 B_Tree_Planting_Ceremony_13 B_Tree_Planting_Ceremony_14 B_Tree_Planting_Ceremony_15
Spencer Crews Ceremony "Planting" of the Japanese Maple Tree The crowd leaving

Takio Drumming Performance
   At 2:15 pm, A nearly 45 minute Performance by the Toiko Drummers from Lincoln, Nebraska.
  They play several songs very strenuous using handmade Mallets (Large round Dolling).

C_Takio_Drumming_01 C_Takio_Drumming_02 C_Takio_Drumming_03 C_Takio_Drumming_04 C_Takio_Drumming_05
C_Takio_Drumming_06 C_Takio_Drumming_07 C_Takio_Drumming_08 C_Takio_Drumming_09 C_Takio_Drumming_10
C_Takio_Drumming_11 C_Takio_Drumming_12 C_Takio_Drumming_13 C_Takio_Drumming_14 C_Takio_Drumming_15
C_Takio_Drumming_16 C_Takio_Drumming_17 C_Takio_Drumming_18 C_Takio_Drumming_19 C_Takio_Drumming_20
See October 1, 2005 Sunpu Gate Formal Dedication for addition photos and information

Japanese Ambience @ Lauritzen Gardens

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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