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Monday & Wednesday, March 27 & 29th  - I view and photographed 11 displays of Canstruction Omaha:
The Omaha Food Bank's 19th annual Can Festival Display,  which runs March 26th, 2006 thru April 9th on
The Upper and Lower lever of the West Road Mall's Von Maur Court.    Here is The Canstruction Results!
 CanStruction_00_1 CanStruction_00_2
One of nation-wide CanStruction Event Cans Festival 2005

Click on each team Name to see the team building their sculpture on Sunday morning, March 26!
Upper Lever  CanStruction_02_1 CanStruction_02_A CanStruction_02_B CanStruction_02_C CanStruction_03_A
 CanStruction_01_1 CanStruction_01_A
Light the CAN-Deles and
 join the Celebration!
Whole Foods Market
Space Shuttle & Duck
CanStruction_04_1 CanStruction_04_A CanStruction_05_1 CanStruction_05_A CanStruction_06_1 CanStruction_06_A CanStruction_06_B
Launching Hunger
Out of this World
Arnold Air
Mutual of Omaha Jaycees
Swimming Past Hunger
Kiewit Building Group Inc.
Building a Better Omaha
Best Use of Labels
Best Meal
CanStruction_07_1 CanStruction_07_A CanStruction_07_B CanStruction_08_1 CanStruction_08_A CanStruction_08_B  
PayPal, an eBay Company
Silver CAN-niversary Food Bank
Board of Directors, The Food Bank
The Food bank Anniversary Tribute

Lower Lever CanStruction_10_1 CanStruction_10_A
CanStruction_09_01 CanStruction_09_A CanStruction_09_02
Wells Fargo and Leo A Daly
Penny Piglet
Bland & Associates, P.C. and HDR  Architecture
Someone Else's Shoes
CanStruction_11_1 CanStruction_11_A CanStruction_11_B CanStruction_12_1  CanStruction_12_A CanStruction_12_B
City of Omaha
Shuttle Hunger into space.......
Oriental Trading Company, Inc
Quacking Out Loud Against Hunger

Seven Can display are on the upper lever.

Accurate color indoor photography is challenge at Westroads because of the mall lighting. For the CanStruction exhibit, I
experimented with my digital camera custom white balance setting. To photograph each can display, I set the white balance
using the white area of that can display description sign. This made the sign photos appear inconsistent, even with color correction
(I should have use flash with the AWB sitting) but gives more color accurate and nature looking photos of the can displays.

Canstruction Omaha 06

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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