Fontenelle Forest's Big Bugs+

Saturday October 30th - My Friend, Jose Patio and I took a long afternoon hike in
 Fontenelle Forest, (between- Bellevue, Nebraska and Missouri River). We viewed
 the Dave Roger's Big Bugs Exhibit scatted along the Barrier free Boardwalk,
 hiked down to Child's Hollows and along a Green Color Creek and beyond .
Green Chlild Hollow Creek Tree Stump

Dave Roger's Big Bugs 

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On display August 12 - November 12, 2006
 along the Fontenelle Forest's barrier free
boardwalk these 8 enormous Insect,
made of wood by the the artist
 Dave Roger, can outweigh and might
tower over anyone.  This gives
 you a new perspective on insects.
Big Bug Map
Map of the Exhibit

Click on left photo for bug information
Big_Bugs_A0 Damselfly Graphics Big_Bugs_A1 Big_Bugs_A2 Big_Bugs_A3
Big_Bugs_B0 Praying Mantis Grapics Big_Bugs_B1 Big_Bugs_B2 Big_Bugs_B3
Big_Bugs_C0 Three Marching Art Grapic Big_Bugs_C1 Big_Bugs_C2 Big_Bugs_C3
  Big_Bugs_C4 Big_Bugs_C5 Big_Bugs_C6
Big_Bugs_D0 Grasshopper Graphic Big_Bugs_D1 Big_Bugs_D2 Big_Bugs_D3
Big_Bugs_E0 Ladybug Graphic Big_Bugs_E1 Big_Bugs_E2 Big_Bugs_E3
Big_Bugs_F0 Spider & Web Graphics Big_Bugs_F1 Big_Bugs_F2 Big_Bugs_F3
Big_Bugs_G0 Dragonfly Graphics Big_Bugs_G1 Big_Bugs_G2 Big_Bugs_G3
Big_Bugs_H0 Assassin Bug Graphics Big_Bugs_H1 Big_Bugs_H2 Big_Bugs_H3
 "Bug Graphics" are from the Exhibits Map with some clean-up.

To Child's Hollows & beyond
   After viewing the Big Bugs, we hiked down the hill to Child’s Hollow.  The river across were block by parked
   empty cool train.  For a distance, we followed and crossed twin the green color creek.  Before heading home,
   we hiked up the next hill to an unusual tree stamp.

Forest4 Forest1 Forest3 Green_Hollow_1 Green_Hollow_2
Boardwalk Overlook of the Missouri River & Omaha Skyline .  Follow Hickory Trail Down to RR tracks.
Green_Hollow_3 Green_Hollow_4 Green_Hollow_5 Green_Hollow_6 Green_Hollow_7
Take Child's Hollows Trail south along the the Green algae-filled Creek .
Tree_1 Tree_2 Tree_3 Green_Hollow_8 Green_Hollow_9
Deep Forest Fall Colors & Tree Stamp
0n Hawthorn Trail, south of the Chickadee Trail.
Another view of the Green Colored Creek
on the way back on the Hickory Trail.

Fontenelle Forest's Big Bugs+

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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