New Year Eve 2006

December 31st, 2005 - My Friend Jose Patino and  I had a busy New year Eve with an Asian meal in the "Old Market",
walk thru "Gene Leahy Mall" enjoying the Holidays Lights , the Fireworks at the "ConAgra Foods Campus" and the
Great Adventure Ministry New Year Bash at Planet X Amusement center.

"Gene Leahy Mall" Holidays Lights

Before the ConAgra Foods Fireworks, Jose Patino and I took a leisurely walk thru the Gene Leahy Mall enjoying the
Holidays Lights. All photos are hand hold 1/10 second Exposure. Some are shaper because 2-second self timer was used.

Lights ...
The "O!"
IMG_3753 IMG_3755

the mall
IMG_3757 IMG_3758

ConAgra Foods Fireworks "O! What a Glow"

After the Sponsors & Mayor Mike Fahey Speeches, the 7:15pm fireworks were spectacular.
All photos are hand hold 1/20 second exposure except for the clock tower and the Mayor's speech.

IMG_3765 IMG_3766 IMG_3769 IMG_3770._Cropped IMG_3773 IMG_3774
IMG_3778_Cropped IMG_3779 IMG_3786 IMG_3787 IMG_3789 IMG_3790

Great Adventure Ministry's New Year Bash

Everyone had a good time at the Planet X Amusement center.
All photos were taken with Jose digital Camera.

IMG_0159 IMG_0160 IMG_0161 IMG_0162 IMG_0165 IMG_0172
IMG_0175 IMG_0183 IMG_0186 IMG_0188 IMG_0190 IMG_0217

Count Down to New Year

Before our midnight balloon drop & celebration, everyone watched via TV projected on wall,
the fireworks and Ball drop in the New York Time Square.

IMG_0194 IMG_0202 IMG_0207 IMG_0208 IMG_0209 IMG_0214_Chopped
IMG_0213   Last Year, 2005 New
Year Bash
are online.
Looking up The Bollons
The Ticket
The Ticket

New Year Eve 2006

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