"Home for the Holidays" Ice Sculpture

December 17th & 22nd - The Theme of Holiday Lights festival's 2005 ConAgra Foods Ice Sculpture is "Home for the Holidays"

Carving the Ice Sculpture - Saturday December 17th

After viewing the Gingerbread homes displays at the Mormon Trail Center, Jose Patio and I watched the Artic Diamond Ice
Artists of Cincinnati putting the finish touches on the main ice sculpture.  First two photos show the chandelier being carved.
Last photo have mid-afternoon from 10th & Famam Street.

IMG_3579 IMG_3580 IMG_3581 IMG_3582 IMG_3584 IMG_3585

The Finished Ice Sculpture - Viewed Wednesday December 21st

This Ice Sculpture portrays a family having a traditional Christmas at home, including the oversized children's toys.
It will be on display thru the New Year's Day - weather permitting. The photo are slight out of order taken.

IMG_3586 IMG_3587 IMG_3588 IMG_3592 IMG_3594 IMG_3595
IMG_3597 IMG_3595_Choped IMG_3598 IMG_3599 IMG_3601 IMG_3600

IMG_0143 IMG_0133 2004 ConAgra Ice Sculpture Display "Lewis & Clark [exposition]" Photos are online IMG_0151

Ice Sculptures Demonstration

These sculptures were carved by local ice artists during the Sunday, December 18th family festival.
The sun-lit snowman was melting before my eyes. on drop at time!

IMG_3602 IMG_3603 IMG_3605 IMG_3606 IMG_3607 IMG_3608 IMG_3609

"Home for the Holidays" Ice Sculpture

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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