Christmas Trees 2005

Friday November 25th - Christmas at Union Station - 4 of 10 trees photos (14 total)
IMG_3210 IMG_3222 IMG_3238 IMG_3231

Saturday November 26th - Julefest 2005 Trip - All 4 trees photos (27 Total)
2005 Julefest brochure IMG_3249 IMG_3260 IMG_3284 IMG_3271

Sunday December 4th  - Christmas in Germany - 4 of 6+ tree photos (27 Total)
IMG_3301 IMG_3306 IMG_3317 IMG_3313
 This holidays event at the
German-American Society of
Omaha has Christmas tree
in the North & South Halls
and the Ratskeller

Saturday, December 17th  - "Remembering Our Heritage" 5 of 10 tree photos (27 Total)
IMG_3559 IMG_3560 IMG_3565 IMG_3573 IMG_3576
Nine Christmas Trees,
each with a different theme,
surround the Gingerbread
display titled "Remembering
Our Heritage"
at the Mormon
Trail Center
in North Omaha

December 11 - 31st  - "Other Christmas Trees" 5 of 10 tree photos on four pages
IMG_3437 IMG_3617 IMG_3716 IMG_3739 IMG_3759
  • Dec 11 -  in the Atrium of
    Church Community Church
  • Dec 24 - My family Tree
  • Dec 30 - "Wildlights" trees
    inside and out
  • Dec 31 - "Christmas Tree"
    on the Gene Leahy Mall .

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Christmas Trees 2005

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