Sunpu Castle Gate Built @ Lauritzen Gardens

September 20 - October 1st,  I photographed the construction of the 1/3 scale replica of the Sunpu Castle Gate at the site of the future Japanese Garden in Omaha's Lauritzen Gardens (The Omaha Botanical Center). The Gate was a gift from the business men of Omaha Sister City, Shizuoka, Japan to Lauritzen Gardens.

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The Map
The Map

Tuesday, September 20th - 18 Photos
IMG_2197 IMG_2199 IMG_2200 IMG_2205 IMG_2209 IMG_2210
Thursday, September 22nd - 40 Photos
IMG_2217 IMG_2222 IMG_2230 IMG_2228 IMG_2246 IMG_2248
Friday, September 23rd -  52 photos
IMG_2259 IMG_2329 IMG_2295 IMG_2301 IMG_2304 IMG_2370
Saturday, September 24th -  41 Photos
IMG_2383 IMG_2428 IMG_2393 IMG_2435 IMG_2460 IMG_2462
Sunday, September 25th - 28 Photos
IMG_2513 IMG_2480 IMG_2478 IMG_2502 IMG_2517 IMG_2530
Monday, September 26th - 41 Photos
IMG_2561 IMG_2567 IMG_2583 IMG_2611 IMG_2635 IMG_2647
Tuesday, September 27th - 44 Photos
IMG_2653 IMG_2676 IMG_2723 IMG_2698 IMG_2738 IMG_2715
Thursday, September 29th - 31 Photos
IMG_2766 IMG_2780 IMG_2788 IMG_2794 IMG_2797 IMG_2804
Saturday, October 01st  - has 64 Photos
IMG_2858 IMG_2875 IMG_2891_Crop IMG_2918_Crop IMG_2921 IMG_2923
IMG_2931 IMG_2934 IMG_2941 IMG_2947 IMG_2951 IMG_2961

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Sunpu Castle Gate Built @ Lauritzen Gardens

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