2004 Star City Holiday Parade

My Friend, Jose Patio, and I viewed One hour and 15 minute long the 20th Annual Star City Holiday Parade titled “Our Lasting Treasure” at 11am on Saturday December 3, 2004

StarCityParade04_01 StarCityParade04_02 StarCityParade04_03 StarCityParade04_04 StarCityParade04_05 StarCityParade04_06
StarCityParade04_07 StarCityParade04_08 StarCityParade04_09 StarCityParade04_10 StarCityParade04_11 StarCityParade04_12
StarCityParade04_13 StarCityParade04_14 StarCityParade04_15 StarCityParade04_16 StarCityParade04_18 StarCityParade04_19
StarCityParade04_20 StarCityParade04_21 StarCityParade04_22 StarCityParade04_23 StarCityParade04_24 StarCityParade04_25
StarCityParade04_26 StarCityParade04_27 StarCityParade04_28 StarCityParade04_30 StarCityParade04_31 StarCityParade04_32
StarCityParade04_33 StarCityParade04_34 StarCityParade04_35 StarCityParade04_36    

2004 Star City Holiday Parade

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